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July are best known for their self titled first album, which is a classic UK psychedelic album which has double interest for 60s/70s music fans due to its high quality, as well as featuring the first appearances by Tom Newman (UK engineer famous for many great Virgin albums) as well as Jade Warrior's Tony Duhig and Jon Field (the soul and heart of that band).

“Released by the Major Minor label in 1968, the self-titled July album has long been acknowledged by genre enthusiasts as one of the classic UK psychedelic one-shots, mixing the ambition and experimentation of "Sgt. Pepper" with a lo-fi charm and endearing garage band artlessness. It is also one of the most hotly-pursued artefacts of the British psychedelic era, with an original UK copy (only graded at VG++) recently selling on eBay for around £3700.
Our definitive 6-CD overview of the band's activities includes newly-remastered versions of the album in both mono and stereo formats (the latter only previously available on the original 1968 American release) as well as the various single issues, including a completely different recording of album nugget 'The Way'.
Disc Three contains "The Second Of July", a collection of pre-album demos that appeared in the mid-Nineties to capitalise on the band's growing reputation as original copies of their LP began to sell for increasingly large sums of money.
The remainder of the boxed set consists of more recent July recordings following their triumphant return to live work a few years ago.
Disc Four is the aborted album "Temporal Anomaly", which was recorded circa 2010 but which gains a first-ever release, while Disc 5 is the appropriately-titled "Resurrection", which received a limited release in 2013. Disc Six comprises the latest July magnum opus, "The Wight Album", which has been pieced together over the last few years by Tom Newman and Peter Cook at Tom's recording studio on the Isle of Wight. Now finally completed, "The Wight Album" - described by Tom as "the greatest July album" - brings the July story bang up to date.
Housed in a clamshell box, and with a 40-page booklet containing a 7000 word essay on the band featuring new quotes and some priceless period photos, The Complete Recordings is an epic look at the studio activities of one of the biggest cults to emerge from the original British psychedelic scene.”

"One of the all-time great psych albums—originally issued on the Major Minor label in the UK, and on Epic in the USA, in 1968; there's no way to overstate the excellence of the album, with it's eerie psych style (check out, for example, 'Dandelion Seeds' and 'Hallo to Me'), Indian-influenced chord sequences, heavily reverb-laden vocals, plus expert studio trickery (tape loops/phasing, etc.) of uncommon brilliance from producer/solo artist Tom Newman, and Jade Warrior's Tony Duhig and Jon Field; becomes more of a classic with each passing year."

"July has come to be highly prized, mainly for the presence of 'My Clown,' which is considered to be one of the great psychedelic singles of all time. Tom Newman, who went on to glory as the engineer of choice for Mike Oldfield, handles the vocals for the majority of the album, as well as the majority of the songwriting. Tony Duhig, who later moved on to start Jade Warrior and Assagai, provides guitars and a strong sense of Indian music, although the greater part of his participation is via warbling and groaning guitars ... Very good psychedelia..."-Steven McDonald/All Music Guide
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Great set for the price! You get everything you need ...and more! Both the Stereo and Mono editions of their first album that is a psychedelic classic, plus single sides with rare songs and alternate mixes. The Second of July album that , when I heard it, I asked the clerk at the 1990's record store "Who's this new psych band ..." , because it sounded so much like a Guided By Voices -like band! Really a good thing, OK? Then there's a previously unreleased album Temporal Anomaly...that could have given GBV and Pollard a run for their money( A LOT like their Circus Devils side-band!)...too bad it was left unreleased. Then Resurrection comes on with some of the "Temporal..." songs re-worked for a more 1960's sound...plus newer 1960's sounding tracks that really are very worth hearing. The Wight Album is last...and while the band is saying it's "their best yet"...I am glad it's here,but you may want to pick your favorite tunes and make the album they should have from what here could be a two record set on one disc. In the end you get ALL the great stuff....and still more! All for under $40 ....less than the two original albums would cost on an imported CD....so this is VERY worth having ,and hearing! Really an amazing lost band.
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