Kaiser, Henry - The Lost Chord : Live Baritone Guitar Solos CD

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It’s all good stuff, but the two 20’ pieces, Knee Deep In Ghosts and A Sleep In The Deep, are both totally beautiful...

“The baritone guitar is a guitar with a longer scale length, typically a larger body, and is tuned lower than a regular guitar - often pitched halfway between the lowest note of a bass and and the lowest note of a regular guitar.
Henry Kaiser has been playing baritone guitars for over 30 years and this is his first solo album that is all baritone. All solos here are free-improvised, live, in real time. Various extended techniques, both manual and electronic, are employed to create rich polyphonic and orchestral textures. Many of Kaiser’s musical heroes: Terry Riley, Cecil Taylor, Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Iannis Xenakis, Conlon Nancarrow, Barry Guy, Rakotozafy, D’Gary, Evan Parker, and Gyorgi Ligeti provided direct inspiration for the solos on this album.
The title track features a lyric that was written as a poem by Adelaide Anne Procter called A Lost Chord, published in 1860 in The English Woman's Journal. The final track is a baritone guitar variation on Jimmy Durante’s parody of that poem from the 1947 film This Time for Keeps.
The various baritone guitars employed on this album were from these luthiers: Versoul, Downes, Ralph Bown, Beardsell, Spalt/Totem, Jerry Jones, and Larry Pogreba.”
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