Kluster - Vulcano

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This is kind of an amazing thing. This is a previously unreleased live tape in extremely good sound, considering its rarity and age, from 1971 in Wuppertal, Germany. I was talking to Ken Golden about the early German stuff and whether or not you like it or hate it, we both agreed that it's really amazing to think about what the German progressive bands were doing and how EARLY they were doing it. I mean, Gentle Giant were recording "Acquiring the Taste" and Pink Floyd were recording "Meddle" (both great albums, btw), but in Germany, they were doing this total freaky electronic/noise/freak-out stuff that wouldn't be absorbed until about 20 years (or more) later! Anyway, this is pretty significant and historic document.

"Vulcano is sourced from original master recordings discovered by Kluster member and Tangerine Dream engineer Klaus Freudigmann. Along with Admira, also being released at the same time on Important, Vulcano is presented here for the first time in this deluxe package. These intense sessions were made with Schnitzler at the helm, as always, after the departure of Mobius and Roedelius from the group."
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