Koch / Schütz / Studer - Life Tied

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Hans Koch Reeds / Electronics
Martin Schütz El-5string-Cello, Cello , Electronics
Fredy Studer Drums, Percussion

"Koch-Schütz-Studer live and pure. Eight expeditions in the land of «hardcore chambermusic.» The recordings for the new CD, LIFE TIED, come from concerts at the Biennial in Venice, from the Expo in Murten, the Théâtre de Poche Biel Ð the home city of Koch and Schütz Ð as well as from the New York club Tonic. Carefully chosen, artistically assembled, the CD is a new listening experience of advanced live music on the threshold of improvisation, ambient, electronic music, rock and jazz.

Hardcore Chambermusic (Intakt CD 044), the classic CD, so-to-speak, marked the starting point in 1995 and was, up to LIFE TIED, the only pure trio album of the Swiss improvisers and tonal researchers. Recordings followed: Heavy Cairo Traffic with the Egyptian ensemble «El Nil Troop», and «Fidel,» the trioÕs foray into Cuba. Roots and Wires with the DJs M. Singe and I-Sound was the next, logical step. With «Live in Schiffbau,» along with the writer Uetz, Koch-Schütz-Studer ventured into the realm of the spoken word.

In the last ten years, Koch-Schütz-Studer have traveled around the world and played at the great jazz festivals and in numerous clubs. The recordings on LIFE TIED show how artistic experience has become formative, how it impinges upon the improvising process, and how all this mixes with the pleasure of the experiment, of musical adventure."
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