Kong Lavring - Kong Lavring

Their first album, reissued. "Once upon a time, in the midst of the 1970s, there was a king, Kong Lavring. Far up north, in the realm of the Norsemen, he ruled. Well, actually he was a band, playing Norwegian folkrock, like few others have done. Not many before them have done so except bands like Convivium and Folque, and then later Ym-Stammen, Storm and Gate. Kong Lavring was different from them all, as they were digging deep into our treasure of ancient Norwegian folksongs. Although electrified, the national tonality of the folksongs was kept, as well as the pure and local language. The band released two heavily overlooked albums in the midst of the punk/new-wave explosion, on a small label, in small quantities. These two albums are much coveted and sought after by the international collecting scene today and command rather high prices whenever offered for sale. Pan Records are proud to re-introduce this beautiful music to the world for the first time on CD. The return of the king, long live Kong Lavring!" [Pan]
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