Lamb, Andrew - New Orleans Suite

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"Remixed and remastered for the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Andrew Lamb’s New Orleans Suite is a testament to the continued power and relevance of jazz, pouring out a wide range of emotions for listeners: shock, anger, sadness, and hope. Warren Smith uses a plethora of percussion add-ons to uniquely color the CD’s six selections. The space and eerie sounds on “The Backwater” are meant to describe waiting in darkness and sunlight for days without help. The title is drawn from the old Bessie Smith classic “Backwater Blues,” in which the Empress of the Blues sings what it’s like to wait in floodwaters to be rescued. Tom Abbs takes a beautiful cello solo on “Katrina’s Path,” and throws in tasteful didgeridoo braying in addition to his muscular bass playing. Lamb plays harmonica and clarinet, in addition to his usual freight-train tenor. Recorded three weeks after the hurricane, Lamb, Smith, and Abbs are a storm unto themselves, making something beautiful out of such suffering."

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