Lapouge, Jean - Temporare

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After sadly winding up his wonderful Noetra ensemble in the early/mid 1980s, guitarist and composer Jean Lapouge went more into an area closer to jazz/electric jazz/ECM sound. One of his current projects is this trio with long-time bandmate (stretching all the way back to the Noetra days) Christian Paboeuf on vibes and oboe and Christiane Bopp on trombone. Recorded in May 2009, the album reflects the sound of the band's live work. The accent here is on the tracks' simplicity and their inherent poetry. For the composer, the album strikes the delicate balance between composition and improvisation. For fans of the ECM sound, this is as good as it gets without actually being on ECM and is better than many of ECM's guitar-based trio albums.

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  • LabelGreat Winds
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