Leimgruber, Urs/Jacques Demierre/Barre Phillips - Wing Vane CD

Sax, piano & double bass. "The choices Leimgruber, Demierre, and Phillips have made are everywhere unexpected and unexplained, but fit together as aural expression in the ambiguous area between imagination (a belief without experience to support it) and logic (a belief supported by experience). In place of the typical melodic vocabulary, they speak in rattles, smears, broken notes, breath noises, pops, bites, growls, whistles, harmonics, isolated pitches, and extended (post-Webern) intervals. Instead of commonly adding more to the mix, they erase lines, compress gestures, condense movement. They make free music in the best sense of the word whatever that might turn out to be."-Art Lange (liner notes)
  • LabelVicto
  • UPC777405007926
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