Liquid Scarlet - Killer Couple Strikes Again CDEP

This limited-edition release is one song from "II" plus five songs (over 20') that are not available anywhere else. Stefan's review - from a email to me that wasn't meant as a review - is actually spot on, especially the comparisons to Jukka Tolonen. "I have spent the entire afternoon listening to the 5 track CD by Liquid Scarlet. Finally I do understand why the band called their debut album "the demo". The new mini-album is much more mature with a more laid-back attitude. Flutes, soft guitars, various keyboards like Fender Rhodes and some vibes. Perfect vocals with nice backing/harmony vocals. The instrumental parts are in some ways closer to Jukka Tolonens Summer Games than King Crimson.I will listen to the full length album tomorrow but if its just as half as good as the mini album its a true hit...Liquid Scarlet will win in respect by many because they have so much originality and lust for experimenting with harmonies and sounds."-Stefan Dimle [Progress]
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