London Jazz Composers Orchestra/Barry Guy - Study II, Stringer

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Barry Guy - bass, director / Irène Schweizer - piano / Henry Lowther, Marc Charig, Jon Corbett - trumpet / Conrad Bauer, Radu Malfatti, Alan Tomlinson - trombone / Steve Wick - tuba / Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Simon Picard, Paul Dunmall - reeds / Peter McPhail - reeds/flute / Philipp Wachsmann - violin / Barre Phillips - bass / Paul Lytton - percussion
STRINGER (FOUR PIECES FOR ORCHESTRA) Kenny Wheeler, Harry Beckett, Dave Spence - trumpet and flugelhorn / Paul Rutherford, Alan Tomlinson, Paul Nieman - trombone / Melvin Poore - tuba / Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Peter Brötzmann Larry Stabbins, Tony Coe - saxophone and clarinet / Philipp Wachsmann - violin / Howard Riley - piano / Tony Oxley, John Stevens - percussion / Barry Guy, Peter Kowald - bass

"The history of Barry Guy's Jazz Composers’ Orchestra begins in 1970 with Ode, the first manifesto of this new way of individual/ collective collaboration at the interface of a structured intervention and the freedom of improvising. Ten years later, after from a stylistic point of view pluralistic beginnings, a work of equal significance has been created: Stringer. The orchestra has found its language, The musicians breathe the newly gained freedom in different playing combinations of solo high points and collective complexity. From Ode through Stringer we move on to Study in another ten year leap. Even less than before, Barry Guy measures himself against historic forms or current conventions. He creates a complex process of events from a simple structure, a work which unfolds out of, and in the end sinks back into, silence. One could make associations with ethnic music cultures and John Cage's idea of music. What really happens is defined by the interrelationship between this new type of composer and the musicians involved."
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