Los Angeles Electric 8 - Plays Shostakovich, Mendelssohn, Braddock, Siegel and Kohl

"The Los Angeles Electric 8 is a chamber octet that plays 400 years of art music on eight electric guitars. The group showcases its unconventional instrumentation playing dense interwoven lines that conjure harpsichords, bells, pianos and choral textures. The result is a sound that straddles classical music and post-rock. The Los Angeles Electric 8’s debut CD demonstrates how the ensemble both adapts the old and advances the new. The album features adaptations of music for organ, classical guitars, strings, and Indonesian gamelans. Nathaniel Braddock’s “Ill Tempered Lancaran” and Randall Kohl’s “Balinesa” reveal the similarities between the electric guitar and bronze zylophones and gongs. The arrangement of Shostakovich’s string octet uncovers riffs surprisingly well-suited for the guitar while Mendelssohn’s organ music mimicks different organ stops with clean and overdriven guitars. Wayne Siegel’s minimalist “Domino Figures” slowly generates ethereal undertones and overtones greater than the sum of its parts. Listen to their first album and prepare to rethink the possibilities of the electric guitar."

“Very, very interesting.” - John Schneider, KPFK Global Village

“Fans of guitar-based post rock music will definitely want to look into this. It’s unique, and far away from the stuffy release one might expect.” - Almost Cool Music Reviews

“The [Los Angeles] Electric 8 produced a sound that was multifaceted, at times eccentric and never boring.” - The Poly Post

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