Louca, Maurice - The Luck Hour CD

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Mazen Kerbaj - Trumpet/Electronics
Sharif Sehnaoui - Guitar
Raed Yassin - Double Bass
Anthea Caddy - Cello
Christine Kazaryan - Harp
Khaled Yassine - Percussions/Gamelan
Maurice Louca - Guitar
guest appearances by
Ayman Asfour - Violin on “Bidayat (Holocene)”
Devin Brahja - Alto Sax on “El-Gullashah (Foul Tongue)”

“Maurice Louca, one of the most gifted musicians and composers on Egypt's thriving underground music scene, announces his new album Saet El-Hazz (The Luck Hour.
The forthcoming full-length album draws voraciously on Arabic music, psychedelic folk, and free improv and the lead single “Bidayat (Holocene)” mesmerises with a feral groove centered around percussion, guitar and violin.
The title Saet el Hazz is a coded saying in Egypt to refer to a good time and usually implies a great deal of debauchery. “When you mention to someone that you’ve had a saet hazz, there are no questions asked. It is what it is.”
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