Lubelski, Samara / Bill Nace - Samara Lubelski / Bill Nace

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“This offering could be depicted as a pulsating mist of near static incandescent vapor. Spiral Reflector starts things off with Lubelskis briskly bowed violin drone taking the fore, backed by Naces subtle volume swells and amplifier manipulation. Mazed finds the duo further probing at the veil. The modulated drones interweave in an unsteady interplay of dipping intonation that is both fascinating and disorienting. In Re/Fract/Ed Nace provides a subtle underpinning of persistent tremolo to Lubelskis gruff and swirling hum. Their interplay is intimate and understated; as if any distinct deviation might spook whatever specter they’ve conjured. Sides is the longest track on the release and begins with Naces prickly guitar scrapings that quickly dim once the violin reemerges. The duo then tucks into a long sustained cloud of subdued and concentrated improvisation, their intertwined airs colliding and hissing moderated overtones. The last cut Then/Then Not begins with a base of heavy guitar tremolo, over which Lubelski threads her wailing strings. It serves as a parting signal as the mist disappears over the horizon, leaving the listener bleary with a distinct mental residue.”-Nick Metzger
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