Magma - Une Histoire De Mëkanïk (Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh 50 Ans) 7 x vinyl lps box set (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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“A limited edition (2,000 copies) hardcover box with 7 black vinyl LPs, and includes a 84-pages hardcover book, a wall flag, a facsimile of the original LP front cover, and a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

LP 1 "1972 – Maison De L'ORTF"
This is definitely one of the first recorded live versions of "MDK".
Recorded May 26th 1972 by Le Hollandais Volant.

LP 2 "1973 – Chœurs De L'Orchestre De La Storchhaus"
This studio recording can be regarded as a demo and it features the choir that played "MDK" live at the SIGMA festival in November 1972. It was first released on CD in 1989 and appears now for the first time on vinyl.
Recorded January 1973 at Studio Aquarium.

LP 3 "1973 – Version Originale Studio"
This classic was carefully remastered for this edition.
Recorded at Manor Studio UK, and Studio Aquarium, Ferber in Paris by Simon Heyworth, Gilles Sallé, Eddie Sprigg, Tom Rabstener, Steve Michell, and Gilbert.

LP 4 (Side 1) "1994 – Les Voix De Magma"
This previously unreleased track was recorded live with the addition of a 60 piece choir.
Recorded live March 12th 1994 at Théâtre 71 by Francis Linon.

LP 4 (Side 2) "1995 – Baba Yaga La Sorcière"
This adaption of "MDK" was recorded during the second concert celebrating Magma's 25th birthday. It was released on CD in 1996 but never before on vinyl.
Recorded October 15th 1995 at Espace Lumière in Epinay-sur-Seine by Francis Linon.

LP 5 "2000 – Théâtre Le Trianon"
This version was recorded in Paris at the Théâtre du Trianon during Magma's 30th anniversary celebration and was previously only released on CD as part of a box set in 2001.
Recorded live May 14th 2000 by Francis Linon, and mixed by Francis Linon at UZ studio.

LP 6 "2005 – Le Triton Scène De Musique Vivante"
During May 2005, Magma booked the club Le Triton in Paris, changed their programme each week, and brought back past members back to the stage to perform with them. Previously only appearing on DVD, this is the first audio only release of this event.
Recorded May 20th 2005 by Francis Linon.

LP 7 "2021 – Opéra De Rennes"
This previously unreleased version captures the new Magma line-up.
Recorded November 6th 2021 at Opéra de Rennes by Francis Linon and Olier Arnaud, and mixed by Francis and Marcus Linon.”
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