Malibran - Live Anthology

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"'Live Anthology', the tenth album of the Malibran, is a collection of live pieces recorded between 1994 and 2001 in the "classic" six-element formation, which has been publishing work since 1990. In particular, the second album, entitled 'The Doors of Silence', was voted one of the best 10 albums of Italian Progressive Rock of the 90s. And the homonymous suite, placed at the close of this 'Live Anthology', is now published for the first time ever in a live version of it.
With this line up the Malibran Sicilians held lots of concerts in Italy and in the USA. And their spectacular way of presenting themselves on stage has led the author of a book dedicated to the Premiata Forneria Marconi to compare the Malibran themselves to the PFM: the ones regarding the so-called "renaissance" of the Progressive of the 90s, and the PFM in reference to the shows he held in the '70s.
So we could not miss the opportunity to present on record the concert activity of the band, with a selection of songs recorded by the mixer over the years.
In spite of the appreciation received internationally for the discs in the studio, in fact, it is probably that of the stage the most congenial dimension to the group, which here is able to express itself in all its naturalness, spontaneity and power.
Malibran are still active today, in a trio formation that still sees protagonists Giuseppe Scaravilli, Jerry Litrico and Alessio Scaravilli, all present on 'Live Anthology'. And, since this record comes out exactly three decades from the formation of the Malibran, it can be considered with good reason the record that celebrates the 30 years of activity of the band.
The pieces have been chosen, edited and mastered by Giuseppe Scaravilli."
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