Many Faces of Harry Beckett: 267 page Softbound Book by John Thurlow (author) (due to weight, this is for sale in the USA only)

“The Many Faces of Harry Beckett is the first publication dedicated to the life and work of the legendary Barbados-born British progressive jazz trumpeter. It fulfills author John Thurlow’s lifelong ambition of creating a book which would pay a fitting tribute to his hero.
Harry’s career spanned more than fifty years, encompassing thousands of gigs across the globe, and over 220 currently known recordings. His exquisite playing led him to perform with many of the world’s most famous acts in a myriad of different genres - from African highlife music in the 1950s with the likes of Ambrose Campbell; through rock in the 1960s with Jack Bruce, Keef Hartley, Colosseum and others; to progressive jazz in the 1970s, most notably with bassist/composer Graham Collier, Harry’s dear friend guitarist Ray Russell, and in his own groups. During the 1990s Harry could even be found playing dub and dance music with a founding member of Public Image Limited, bassist Jah Wobble.
This book is in part a biography, and in part a compendium of articles written contemporaneously about Harry and his co-musicians, drawing from an enormous pool of resources. John Thurlow acts as a guide through his incredible collection of paraphernalia, and his extraordinarily in-depth, forensic knowledge of Harry’s career, including the most comprehensive Harry Beckett discography ever published, alongside rarely seen photographs from various stages in Harry’s long and illustrious life. It represents an absolutely essential addition to any jazz collector’s bookshelf.”-Matt Parker, editor, Jazz In Britain

"Joy Unlimited was the name of one of the bands led by the great Barbados-born trumpeter and flugelhornist Harry Beckett, and one of his album titles. And “joy unlimited” is how I feel about the publication of this book celebrating the life of this wonderful musician.
John Thurlow’s book is enriched by valuable insights from Harry’s regular musical associates and close friends, particularly Ray Russell and trumpeter Chris Batchelor, and the author also quotes extensively from my own taped interviews with Harry, parts of which were published in a feature on his work in Jazz Journal in 2007." – Jazz Journal
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