Medeski, Martin and Wood - Zaebos: The Book of Angels, Volume 11

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"The long awaited release of Medeski Martin and Wood performing Masada material is finally available and it is one of their tightest and most imaginative CDs ever! Playing to packed houses from Budokan to Bonaroo and back again, MMW is one of the most popular and vibrant modern instrumental ensembles around. Original members of the earliest Masada family units (reaching back to 1993), they are keenly in tune with Zorn’s musical world, and a natural choice to interpret the lyrical Book of Angels. Returning to the fold like three prodigal sons, they have created twelve exhilarating arrangements that alternately groove, loop, shred and burn with a fiery passion."

Billy Martin: Drums
John Medeski: Keyboards
Chris Wood: Bass
  • LabelTzadik
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