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Meier, Tommy - The Master and the Rain

SKU 34-Intakt 181
Tommy Meier ts, bcl, zurna, comp
Russ Johnson tp
Marco von Orelli tp
Co Streiff as, ss
Peter Landis ts, bs
Hans Anliker tb
Michael Flury tb
Irène Schweizer p
Hans-Peter Pfammatter keyb
Luca Sisera b
Flo Goette e-b
Fredi Flükiger dr
Chris Jäger perc
Trixa Arnold turntables

"On The Master and the Rain, Root Down allows Africa’s tuneful and downto-earth energy to merge with the more exploratory elements of European music concepts. There are the kicking rhythms and harmonies of South African Kwela music expressed in the homages to Chris McGregor, the two Fela Kuti classics and the compositions of Tommy Meier. Above all it should be emphasized how extremely beautiful and sparkling Meier’s compositions are. The interplay of polyrhythmic grooves and magical atmosphere, of ceremony and exuberance is characteristic of this album which will not only delight the listeners, but will also inspire dancers with its flows and catchy riffs."- Pirmin Bossart
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