Memphis Slim / Willie Dixon - aux Trois Mailletz (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Low key but very charming blues recording of Memphis Slim (piano and vocals ) and the one of the greatest blues songwriters ever, Willie Dixon (double bass and vocals), recorded in a club in Paris in 1962, with gentle backing by drummer Philippe Combelle. One of the more interesting things about this record is that all of the Dixon songs are pretty obscure; they are not the famous repertoire that we all know, but much less-known works.

"...this pleasant little CD captures Memphis and Willie (backed by a drummer) playing a relaxed and good-natured set in front of a Parisian bar crowd. Comprising laid-back blues grooves and a few up-tempo rock `n' roll tunes, Willie and Memphis (well, mostly Memphis) take turns singing and soloing while showing an uncanny understanding of each other's musical mannerisms and patterns. It wasn't a night where either of them was pushing the limits of their musical talents, but they make up for it by keeping the music light-hearted and the groove solid."-K. Spindler
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