Ministry Of Inside Things - Everlasting Moment 2 x CDs

Some of you who are fans of US space music will remember synthesist Chuck van Zyl, who released music under the name Xile, his own name, and in collaboration with The Nightcrawlers, among others. For almost 25 years he has hosted "Stars End", a program of space and related music on WXPN in Philadelphia, and he also helps to present "The Gatherings" concert series, which presents concerts by related artists. This is the first CD release by his own project, which features Chuck on synthesizers and guitarist Art Cohen. Recorded live and featuring over 2 hours of music, this album is a reflection of a US distillation of the classic space/Berlin music of the 1970's. Like R.M.I. and The Nightcrawlers, this is basically as good as the original masters of the genre.
  • LabelSynkronos
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