Miriodor - Live 89 CD

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Great sounding live, archival release from the period when Miriodor were a trio ("Miriodor" and "3rd Warning"). Both of these albums are unfortunately out of print at this time, so it's also the only way to currently hear this period of the band's development. Very different in sound from what they eventually turned into, but a really great period for them. Recommended.

"In 1989, Miriodor was the line-up of Pascal Globensky (keys), Rémi Leclerc (drums), and Sabin Hudon (sax). The emergence of MIDI technology allowed the group to add a wide array of orchestral timbres to their powerful and intricate jazzy sound. Having played FIMAV the previous year, followed by a tour in Europe and some concerts in Quebec, the trio was firing on all cylinders. Hudon's sax playing is a revelation, showing a side of the group that is closer to the musique actuelle scene with which they are often associated than much of their other material. While the sound quality would suggest studio recordings, all material was actually performed live, although applause has been removed. Some of the setlist is taken from the self-titled release, and two other tracks would later appear on "3rd Warning". Five of the tracks are completely unreleased in any form. This release helps celebrate the 25th anniversary of Miriodor, and we are proud to make it available."

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