Mitchell, Nicole / Fabio Paolizzo - Medusae CD

SKU 39-CD-DG-255
Fabio Paolizzo VIVO (original electronic system)
Nicole Mitchell piccolo, flute, alto flute, vocals

“For many Black folks, the mythology of Medusa has been a fascinating tale because the image of a beautiful woman with snakes for hair could easily be seen as a European interpretation of a Black woman with dreadlocks. What if the story of Medusa illuminates European men's fear of the power of Black women?
Medusae is a symbol for a multitude of concepts which we bring together with our present album of electroacoustic improvisation. Merging modern creative music and computer music, Medusae explores the intersection of human and machine musical creativity. Like medusae, this interaction can be both frightening and fascinating.
The musical improvisation features Video Interactive VST Orchestra (VIVO), an innovative computer system capable of responding musically to an interplay, without it having musical knowledge. VIVO is simple yet effective, like a medusa.”
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