Modirzadeh, Hafez - In Convergence Liberation

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"In Convergence Liberation represents the latest step in saxophonist/ composer/theorist Hafez Modirzadeh’s thirty-year quest to create a seamless exchange between the world’s musical systems. It follows on the heels of his 2012 release Post Chromodal Out!, which featured a piano retuned to variations of Persian temperament as played by Vijay Iyer that the Los Angeles Times called “thick with inspiration” and the San Jose Mercury News called “visionary.” The new work further explores Modirzadeh’s concept of “chromodality,” a cross-cultural musical approach that allows for the co-existence between all musical temperaments and sources of inspiration, which Modirzadeh originally derived from his own American jazz and Iranian dastgah heritages. The seven chamber works on In Convergence Liberation intertwine such disparate elements as Persian and Iberian scale-structures, Andalucian poetry, Iraqi maqam practice, as well as the classical string quartet tradition as performed by the acclaimed ETHEL. Argentine-Mexican vocalist Mili Bermejo (vocals) and Iraqi-American Amir ElSaffar (Iraqi santur, vocals and trumpet), singing from Spanish and Arabic sources, and Faraz Minooei (Persian santur), and Amir Abbas Etemadzadeh (Persian daff and tombak) together demonstrate the musical potential to liberate cultural traditions with true universal empathy."
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