Modney - Ascending Primes 2 x CDs

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“Modney is a composer and violinist based in NYC. Modney is a co-director of the Wet Ink Ensemble and a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble. Ascending Primes” is a double album of Modney’s compositions for solo, trio, quintet, septet, and undectet pursuing transcendence and ecstatic space. Built on the foundation of Modney’s interests in tuning systems and exploring extremes of harmonicity and dissonance, the album convenes prime-numbered ensembles made up of the composer’s peers in the uncategorizable terrain between modern jazz and classical practices.
Modney writes in the liner notes, “Music, with its vibrational and temporal nature, gives us the possibility of ascending to states of being that would otherwise be inaccessible… It’s the liminal state artists are always chasing, the pursuit of which, for me, is a spiritual practice. The integration of Just Intonation into my music-making has brought this way of being closer to the surface. The primes in sonic form are, aptly, primal. They make you feel things, things that are powerful and contradictory and that lie outside the realm of language and rationality.”
Like the seventeen Ellsworth Kelly postcard collages featured throughout the album design, Modney’s music employs radical juxtaposition, overlaying organic, cultural, and elemental materials to create a supercharged new space.”
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