Monika H. Band - Disguised as Umbrellas, We Slept

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Monika H. is Monika Heidemann, a young, up 'n' coming jazz and new rock vocalist from NYC who "twists together jazz sensibility, improvisation, catchy pop melodies, the grind of rock n’ roll and enough subconscious creativity to still question where her music could have come from." I am certain that some of you will remember her from her previous, more jazz-oriented album, Bright, which did pretty well and which a number of customers wrote to us and mentioned liking. This is quite, quite different and is more of a twisted rock album. Backing is provided by Erik Deutsch-keyboards, Brandon Seabrook-guitar, Matt Clohesy-bass and Simon Lott-drums.

"Seriously gifted vocalist-composer Monika Heidemann, a jazzer with the heart of a rocker (or is it the other way around?), celebrates the release of her new CD, Disguised as Umbrellas, We Slept, which includes a whole faceful of new songs that combine literate verse, smart attitude and punchy psychedelic-rock textures."-Time Out NY (10/08)

"Humor and gloom stroll hand in hand on Monika Heidemann's new album, Disguised As Umbrellas, We Slept. Heidemann works her incantatory magic within a limited yet compelling vocal range, and she's smart enough to get out of the way and let her excellent band -- which includes members of Charlie Hunter's and Me'Shell NdegeOcello's groups -- explore spacier regions of the prog-jazz continuum." -Villiage Voice (10/17/08)

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