Moondoc, Jemeel - The Zookeeper's House

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“The Zookeeper’s House, is Moondoc's first studio album in over a decade. It features a fantastic collection of players: trombonist Steve Swell, trumpeter Roy Campbell (in his final recorded appearance), pianist Matthew Shipp, bassist Hilliard Greene, and drummer Newman Taylor Baker.
They’re not all heard together. Shipp appears on the disc-opening title track and the nearly 13-minute ‘One for Monk and Trane’; the horns are on ‘Little Blue Elvira,’ ‘For the Love of Cindy,’ and a version of Alice Coltrane’s ‘Ptah, the El Daoud.’
The three-piece horn section gives his music a fullness in surprising contrast to the sharp, bluesy yet keening quality his albums have frequently had in the past, when he’s been out front all alone.
The Zookeeper’s House is easily one of Jemeel Moondoc’s best albums, and a terrific reminder that he’s long been one of avant-garde jazz’s most underappreciated voices.”-Phil Freeman / Burning Ambulance
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