Mori, Chieko - Katyou Fuugetsu (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"A mistaken but widely-held view of Japanese music is that it consists of two completely separate and non-communicating areas: on one hand the disposable J-pop music scene based on Western models, on the other the traditional classical music world with its rigid, immutable customs and codes perpetuated through genres such as gagaku (court music) and shomyo (Buddhist chant), or through various forms of theatre (no, bunraku, kabuki) and upheld by instruments of ancient origin such as the shakuhachi (bambu flute), the biwa and the shamisen (lute) or the koto (a 13 string cither). It is this instrument in the capable hands of the young virtuoso Chieko Mori which is showcased on a new Felmay recording dedicated to music from the Far East. Chieko Mori already has number of important collaborations and projects under her belt, having worked with renowned artists the likes of Michael Galasso, Bob Wilson and Phil Minton. 2005 saw the release of, Jumping Rabbit her first solo CD for the Tzadik label whose director John Zorn praised her qualities as an artist"
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