Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Egor

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Charlotte Cegarra (vocals)
Eelco Bosman (guitar)
Ron Goris (drums)
Sarah Anderson (violin)
Hilary Jeffery (trombone)
Jason Kohnen (bass)
Gideon Kiers (electronics)

“The new record of the experimental alter ego of THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE. After they delivered the 60 minutes session “Anthropomorphic” in 2011 THE MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION now is back with the 4th full length called EGOR.
This four track monster (again almost 70 minutes long) was recorded live at the DOM theater in Moscow as part of a mini trip to Russia in April 2011. For the connoisseurs of the THE MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION sound this album combines the atmosphere of 'Succubus' mixed with 'Anthropomorphic', more structural improvs mixed with ambient drones. the band still builds mesmerizing, deep and otherworldly atmospheres. Undescribable if you didn’t listen to it yet.”
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