Musci, Roberto/Chris Cutler/Jon Rose/Claudio Gabbiano - Steel Water Light

This ensemble was formed to perform live music to films. The score straddles genres, running the gamut between composed, improvised, graphic, atmospheric and avant garde movie soundtrack. The films were three silent black and white classics: Joris Ivens De Brug (1928) and Regen (1929), and Paul Strands Manhatta (1921). They deal with a level of abstraction that was pioneering for documentary film making at that time. Roberto Musci provides the samples robot voices, strange looping backwards melodies, crazy voices from innumerable forgotten movies; Jon Rose hits a peak of improv violin virtuosity; Chris Cutler spatters the textures with electronically processed drums and percussion; and Claudio Gabbiano interjects with restrained electric guitar phrases. The live score has been re-edited as a purely listening experience. [ReR]
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