Mushroom - Messages From The Spliff Bunker 2 x vinyl lps (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Pat Thomas - Drum Kit Center, Percussion
Marc Weinstein - Drum Kit Right, Percussion
David Brandt - Drum Kit Left, Vibraharp, Gongs, Timbales, Concert Bass Drum,
Friction Percussion, Likembe
Ned Doherty - Electric Bass

Paul Hoaglin - Rickenbacker 365 OS Electric Guitar
Matt Cunitz - Hammond C-3 Organ, Clavinet, VAKO Orchestron, Yamaha YC-45D Organ, Korg MS-10, Korg Mono/Poly, Moog MultiMoog, Mellotron 4-Track, Sleigh Bells, Prayer Bells

Erik Pearson - Flute, Tenor Saxophone

“Since the 1990s, the San Francisco Bay Area psychedelic jazz-rock collective Mushroom has been compared to Can, Soft Machine, Miles Davis, Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Traffic. Now in 2024 with their 15th studio album, Messages from the Spliff Bunker,
the ultimate retro band gets more authentic:

+ regular weight black vinyl

+ no tip-on jacket

+ double vinyl LP for less than the cost of a single LP these days

A true 1970s-era experience!”
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