Musica Elettronica Viva - The Sound Pool vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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This was the first of two BYG titles by MEV, originally issued in 1969 and reissued here for the very first time on vinyl from the original master tapes.

"Formed in Rome in the late 60s, the ever shifting collective Musica Elettronica Viva included such luminaries as Fred Rzewski, Alvin Curran and Richard Teitelbaum among others, and aimed to conduct the most radical experiments in sound possible. Although the above were primarily composers they were greatly inspired by avant-garde jazz titans such as Cecil Taylor and John Coltrane and were intent on drawing on any sound source, from keyboards and drums to cans and plates of glass.
As this 1970 BYG recording, The Sound Pool emphatically proved, MEV crafted an intricate sonic architecture by playing synthesizers, horns and sundry objects, and engaging in audacious treatments of the audio ‘on the fly’. The prevailing boundary between acoustic and electronic worlds was blurred by a band that was not a band, using a range of instruments that were often not instruments. Furthermore, the constantly shifting, unpredictable nature of the personnel bucked convention.
This re-mastered version of The Sound Pool confirms Musica Elettronica Viva as one of the most original artists of the late 20th century. The ensemble blurred the boundary between electrics and acoustics and conventional and unconventional instruments to create something that still sounds as if it is on the cusp of the present and the future.”-Kevin Le Gendre
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