Ni Hao! - Gorgeous CD

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Another vivacious all girl band from Kansai, an area in Southern Japan that has been the home of some of the most exciting new rock bands of the past several decades (Boredoms, Afrirampo, OOIOO, Omoide Hatoba). Featuring the distinctive singer from Limited Express (has gone), whose first CD was released to great acclaim on Tzadik in 2002, Ni Hao is a trio of two basses and drums with all three girls singing in complex contrapuntal arrangements that Brian Wilson would have been proud of. Everything one would expect from a Kansai band is herelooping riffs, unexpected twists and vocals that stroke, caress, smash, stomp, scream and kiss. Ni Hao leaves you begging for more. [Tzadik]
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