Niagara - Niagara / S.U.B. / Afire 2 x CDs

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Niagra released 3 albums (two on United Artists) in Germany in the heady early Krautrock days. The first album is a all percussion album (that's all percussion, not all drum solos). The second album adds other musicians/instruments as does the third, but all are very percussive-oriented and feature a lot of groove. This double CD includes all 3 of their albums!

"Austrian Klaus Weiss (former Friedrich Gulda musician and leader of his own orchestra) moved to Munich in the early-70's. Himself a drummer, he became fascinated with the possibility of creating a drum orchestra out of the wealth of Munich drummers, thus Niagara was born featuring percussionists from all backgrounds. With just one track per side the debut Niagra offered an energetic and highly charged percussion music combining rock, jazz and African cultures into a most complex music. Obviously, such an album was destined to very limited appeal and thus further Niagara offerings featured other instruments turning Niagara into a percussive fronted fusion band, in the realms of Embryo and Passport, but with a much bigger jazz-groove sound."-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
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