Niescier / Reid / Harris - Beyond Dragons CD

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Angelika Niescier: Alto Saxophone
Tomeka Reid: Cello
Savannah Harris: Drums

“Always seeking new musical adventures, alto saxophonist Angelika Niescier (after winning the prestigious Albert Mangelsdorff Prize, she was recently awarded the WDR Jazz Prize 2023) is one of the most distinguished voices on the European jazz scene. Continuously, she has established close ties with some of the most significant and distinctive figures of the American jazz scene. Together with renowned cellist Tomeka Reid and acclaimed drummer Savannah Harris, three technically accomplished instrumentalists with sparkling temperament, drive and a joy for experimentation are united to let the complexity and originality of Niescier‘s compositions shine on Beyond Dragons. This is a trio that explores every possible aspect of interplay, at times transparent in chamber music, at other times dense and boisterous, and always with captivating intensity.
“This is an ensemble with a cohesiveness and empathy, and is an object lesson in the notion that collectivity need in no way blunt the radical individualism of participants”, writes Alexander Hawkins in the liner notes.”
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