Niggli / Loibner - Still Storm CD

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Matthias Loibner: Hurdy-Gurdy, Electronics
Lucas Niggli: Drums, Percussion

“Hurdy-gurdy meets percussion. Matthias Loibner, the undisputed innovator of this strikingly exotic, medieval instrument and Lucas Niggli, who has been at the forefront of European Jazz for many years team up. Touching and intoxicating, fed by a huge repertoire between classical music, electronics, tradition and imagination, these two exceptional artists paint sounds into the now. In every colour, every note of their vibrant playing, a silent storm lurks, waiting to break loose in rhythmic cascades and avalanches of sound.
“The result is an aural experience that is sometimes pondering, sometimes conversational, allowing the listening ear to float away; purely by means of the music. The album, laid out in comparatively short pieces, is made up of acoustic mind games. Haikus, or even more so, Japanese Tankas, evoke the moment. A form of poetry without rhyme, confidently created collectively out of the moment through improvisation, and with an indispensable reference to the present,” writes Johannes Rühl in the liner notes.”
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