Not A Good Sign - From A Distance CD

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The second, eagerly awaited release from this band consisting of some of AltrOck's all-stars: , featuring two members of Yugen ("Ske" and Francesco Zago) two members of La Coscienza di Zeno (Gabriele Guidi Colombi and Alessio Calandriello + Martino Malacrida on drums.

"A little more symphonic than last time, but alway dark and melancholic. Mix Opeth with King Crimson's "Islands" and "Lark's tongues in Aspic"; a turning point that confirms the achievements of the previous one and, at the same time, presents new developments and solutions.

Structured in ten average length tracks, characterized by a catching meeting among different souls, from the melodic breath to the scratchy push of hard-rock. An evolution that comes from the modernity, heading with freshness and originality beyond the music classification but that do not forget its origins from the golden-age era in the 70s."
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