Opium Cartel - Night Blooms

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The Opium Cartel is a side project by Jacob Lupo-Holm, the leader of White Willow. Like the equally excellent new album by Rhys Marsh, The Fragile State of Inbetween, another WW associate, this is a bit more contemporary sounding and also more direct than some of WW's work, but it's also equally excellent. There's a lot of heavy help from some of the big names of contemporary Scandanavian progressive rock; Mattias Olsson (Anglagard), White Willow members Lars Fredrik Froislie, Ketil Einarsen, Johannes Saeboe and Rhys Marsh.

"Taking a departure from White Willow, Jacob Holm-Lupo has crafted a brilliant album in the name of "The Opium Cartel". Joining Holm-Lupo from White Willow is Lars Fredrik Froislie so you know you are in for some major mellotron! Night Blooms is a perfect album! Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voices and a very soft mellotron laden symphonic approach throughout. Vocals are both female and male and really has a black and white vibe to it matching and reflecting the cover art. Musically this is an ideal headphone art album with tons of great passages and subtle harmonies. You need to own this album right away so go order this puppy!"-James Unger, Wonderful World of Progressive Rock

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