Outward Bound - The Path

Tsikandilakis Antonis : piano
Neonakis Dimitris : electric guitar
Iliakis Yiannis : drums

"‘Outward Bound Trio' brings together three Crete-based musicians of diverse musical backgrounds but with common interests in exploring, through improvisation, the tonal palette offered by the piano, electric guitar and drums combination. This, the Trio's second album, presents a series of short improvisations in three parts which, despite the continual alternations, retain a homogeneous sound landscape. Free forms, open in terms of time and density of musical events, come upon fragments of chord progressions, floating themes contrasted with unstructured sounds, whispers, screams, pauses. Without following rules of any compositional idiom, the music is developed in real time, sometimes haphazardly, other times in a succession of spontaneous interventions, orientating itself to the pursuit of artistry. The music laid down in this studio recording has been developed by the trio through performances at the International Jazz Festival in Athens, the European Jazz Festival Kostas Kouvidis, the Zante Jazz Festival, as well as numerous jazz clubs and theatres around Greece."
  • LabelSLAM
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