Park, Han-earl / Catherine Sikora / Nick Didkovsky / Josh Sinton - Atomic Aphasia

“Challenging and phenomenal works with the musicians playing off of each others ideas…. A beautiful noise.” KFJC 89.7 FM

“An exercise in texture as much as it is in melody, Park, Sikora, Didkovsky, and Sinton don’t just break molds here—they disintegrate anything that resembles the ordinary with authority and prejudice.” Mike Borella (Avant Music News)

“One of the most interesting recent releases…. Dot, occasionally splash, and, at times, tear their collective portrait as they momentarily build, then cut, rearrange, dismember.” Cisco Bradley (JazzTokyo)

Han-earl Park: guitar
Catherine Sikora: tenor and soprano saxophones
Nick Didkovsky: guitar (tracks 1 and 5)
Josh Sinton: baritone saxophone and bass clarinet (tracks 2, 3 and 4)

""Anomic Aphasia documents two New York-based projects: the noisy, unruly complexity of the ensemble Eris 136199; and the interactive playbook Metis 9, a collection of improvisative tactics. Guitarists Han-earl Park (Mathilde 253) and Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve), and reedists Catherine Sikora (Clockwork Mercury) and Josh Sinton (Ideal Bread) render a space of unexpected collisions, weaving orbital paths, and playful discord."
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