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"Splitting the difference between passion and song, PEOPLE play multi-dimensional utopian pop music in which opposing musical forces integrate to form a new sustainable recipe for sound and social implication. The audacious nature of PEOPLE’s rhythmically dialectical core unabashedly conjoins with its anthemic melodies and neo-utilitarian lyrics. Guitarist Mary Halvorson’s systematic chordal prophecies propel humanity’s tired neural pathogenic mud toward a prescient intervalic wisdom of melodic certainty — all the while expertly coercing PEOPLE’s rhythm section into ever broader feats of aural transplantion. Kyle Forester’s vocal harmonies attune the sweet spots of history’s hits while his cocksure bass overpinnings perpetuate righteous gluttony and wanton hubris. Kevin Shea’s drums are filled with joyous diablerie — like the subservient foundation of a no-wave saxophonist with a hankering for pungent bebop, he simultaneously disrupts and reinforces the ensemble/song until all that remains is the avant-garde concept of world peace."

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