Phantom Orchard - Hit Parade of Tears CD

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Zeena Parkins-acoustic harp and objects, electric harp and electronics, small percussion, foley, harmonium, ondéa-ondes mrtenot, synth, accordion
Ikue Mori-electronics, small percussion, foley, processing

“Inspired by the short stories of Japanese author Izumi Suzuki, who was married to musician Kaoru Abe and tragically ended her life at the age of 36. Suzuki’s original stories broke open the science fiction genre and in many ways foretold the cyberpunk movement. Ikue and Zeena have created a beautiful and mysterious collection of musical miniatures that reference Suzuki’s sensibilities with remarkable feeling and compassion.
A beautiful tribute to a powerful creative woman by two powerful creative women.”
  • LabelTzadik
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