Pitom - Blasphemy and other Serious Crimes

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Pitom are one of my favorite Tzadik bands, and that's really saying something when you have a catalog as strong as they do. I saw them open for Gutbucket at a tiny little club in VA a few years ago and I didn't even connect them at first with their great first album, because their first album was released under leader Yoshie Fruchter's name! They play a heavily rocking power-trio music with the distinctive touch of an electric violin added, who plays in a Plastic People kinda way; very direct and rock and not ornate or classical at all. Highly recommended

"In their second CD for Tzadik, a sonic homage to the Day of Atonement, Yoshie Fruchter and his remarkable band Pitom continue their exploration of the New Jewish rock sound with their unique blend of punk, noise rock, metal and jazz filtered through the Jewish tradition. Echoes of the Melvins, Mahavishnu, Zappa and Masada make this a fiery and soulful CD that you will listen to again and again. Intense new Jewish Music from this exciting quartet of punk rebels."

Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: Bass
Yoshie Fruchter: Guitar
Kevin Zubek: Drums
Jeremy Brown: Violin, Viola
  • LabelTzadik
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