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NOT to be confused with the German Popol Vuh; this Norwegian band released a couple of albums as Popol Vuh, before feeling the need to change their name to Popol Ace.
This was their first album and their most progressive.

“Good Norwegian group from Oslo, formed in early-70's out of the ashes of Arman Sumpe D.E. with Pete Knutsen (keyboards, guitar), Arne Schultze (guitar), Terje Methi (bass) and Thor Andreassen (drums) continuing on Popol Vuh. They were joined in 1972 by singer Jahn Teigen and flutist/sax player Pjokken Eide. The self-titled debut of the band saw the light in 1972 on Polydor.
This was an album of mixed yet always progressive-influenced sounds with ''Hunchback'' being the absolute opener, fairly symphonic with great doses of Mellotron and a great nostalgic style reminiscent of early King Crimson and England.''Joy & pleasure'' sounds quite funky, still has plenty of adventurous moments and is close to mid-70's Premiata Forneria Marconi stylings with an enjoyable atmosphere. A Cressida/Gracious/Fantasy influence is present on ''All We Have Is the Past'', good combination of Mellotron, soft piano, acoustic textures and Moog synths in a laid-back track with warm vocals.''Leavin' Chicago'' is very weak, a track seemingly written for promotional purposes, very funky with an evident American flavor. The British color of the band returns in the flipside with ''For Eternity'', soft Progressive Rock with a Fruupp/Cressida aura, nice psychedelic guitars, big Mellotron and flute sounds and a strong Classical influence throughout. ''Sucklin' Pig'' sees the band turning into a more jazzy-oriented style, completely instrumental with swirling synths and flute solos, very interesting stuff. The long ''Medicine'' is another fine composition.The heaviest track on the album proposes a good mix of guitar-based Heavy Rock with Jethro Tull-like flute parts and Genesis-like Moog synth passages.”-rym
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