Primamore, Peter - Grancia (hybrid SACD/CD)

"Grancia is a forward thinking jazz-rock-classical hybrid with a perfect balance of delicate playing and film soundtrack ambiance. Incredible playing meets masterful production for a full on, surround sound immersion into sound. Features Jerry Marotta & Tony Levin (aka Peter Gabriel's rhythm section)."

"This instrumental gem is quite a nice hidden treasure; mostly unknown, little hype, little publicity, but a gorgeous journey in sound nonetheless. There's a kind of classical feel owing to the instrumentation - piano, strings, oboe, clarinet, flute, some harp - but it's also spiced up with some Spanish/classical guitar and exquisitely tasteful bass and percussion. All the textures are used to paint all kinds of vivid pictures and moods: from sunny fields to winter snow to European cityscapes and more, it's a buffet for the ears. It seems like things should be structured fairly rigidly when balancing thirteen musicians in various combinations, but apparently everything was sketched out with room for each member to improvise and contribute freely in the finest jazz tradition. The result is a vividly colorful mix with a little of everything and then some. It also sounds great. I don't even have a SACD system to bring out the full depth of the recording, but the regular CD layer alone makes it sound as if Tony Levin is standing right in the living room and the flutes are fluttering just outside the window. Basically, Grancia is like twelve mini-movie scores without the video; sometimes thoughtful, sometimes sunny, sometimes sad, but always beautiful. Listen and your imagination can fill in the rest."-Spiral Mind
  • LabelBlue Apples
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