Quel Che Disse Il Tuono - Il Velo Dei Riflessi CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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“Quel Che Disse Il Tuono is a brand new prog-rock group born from the early 2018 split between Francesca Zanetta (guitar, string machines) and Unreal City, after over five years of collaboration and three albums that have left a strong sign in the contemporary Italian progressive rock scene. The strong desire to continue the artistic journey interrupted with Unreal City led shortly thereafter to the encounter, in January 2019, with Roberto "Berna" Bernasconi (bass and lead vocals) and Alessio Del Ben (drums, keyboards, backing vocals). The trio was soon joined by Niccolò Gallani from Cellar Noise (piano, keyboards, flute and choirs) thus completing the line-up. The band's new record also features a very special guest in legendary Alphataurus' Claudio Falcone singer, who took care of choirs and vocal harmonizations as well.
From the chemistry among musicians and the innate desire to explore new musical paths comes the group's debut album "Il Velo dei Riflessi" (The Veil of Reflections), a work that perfectly reflects the 'progressive rock tradition' both in its lyrics and music: five long and complex pieces - an average of about ten minutes per song - characterized by a strong keyboard / symphonic component, various mood and rhythm changes, and by long instrumental sections. The use of original vintage equipment and an in-depth research into the meanderings of the '70s Italian symphonic prog push the sounds of this album towards old scents, while the modernity of the recording methods balances this aspect, bringing everything back to the present days.
From a lyrical point of view, "Il Velo dei Riflessi" is a concept album that, through a mirrors metaphor, deals with the themes of latent schizophrenia in the human being, the repulsion of one's personalities (each one enclosed in one of the four mirrors corresponding to the album first four tracks) that are considered as deviations, and their acceptance as an essential part of the individual himself (a process described in the long final track).”
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