Quikion - Waltz Nostalgie

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Quikion are a quirky, charming trio from Japan (have you noticed that 'quirky' and 'charming' describes a decent percentage of Japanese new-music? It's an interesting phenomenon.)

The group consists of Totoki Yukiko-female vocals, concertina (an old folk-style accordion) harmonium & percussion, Sasaki Emi-accordion, glockenspiel, percussion and Oguma Eiji-guitar & bouzouki.

They've been around since 1992 and this is their 6th release.

These recordings show a distinctive Japanese stripped down sound that is both fragile and charming; if John Zorn had heard this, this would've been on Tzadik faster than you can think! If you know this typically fragile and pastel Japanese style and love accordions, you will lock yourself in a room with this in joy for a week.

"An acoustic unit featuring ethnic instruments and female vocals. The Concertina plays the base harmony for the fast flowing female vocals which altogether weave a distinctively mysterious yet intense atmosphere.

Called "Pascal Comelade meets Pentangle" as well as "the chansons from the mysterious forest", their early live performances were laden with rich melodies. This album may be more appealing for prog fans than the early recordings. They are exploring more complex instrumental tunes which would appeal to fans of Lars Hollmer or and similar artists, and they have adopted Bretagne traditional tunes into their own style. Sophisticated complexity and melodic female vocals will attract prog fans and chamber rock lovers."
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