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"In the year that will always be known for a disastrous pandemic, it has become increasingly noticeable how music has responded intuitively with releases redolent with both negative and positive perspectives on these strange and stressful times. In Singularity, Rain have poured forth their own mixed emotions in a fascinating cascade of myriad styles and ideas. Rain, as a new band, will mainly attract interest initially due to two notable figures from modern progressive rock, including bassist John Jowitt, previously a long-time member of the legendary IQ, but also Frost*, Arena, Jadis and even as a brief stand-in with Uriah Heep. Alongside him in a stellar rhythm section, Rain features the drums of Andy Edwards, who emerged in Robert Plant’s Priory of Brion band before joining Jowitt in IQ and Frost* in the 2005 to 2009 period. However, whilst these names will attract attention, it has to be said that the whole band, comprising the talented Rob Groucutt on vocals, keyboards and guitars and the younger excellent guitarist and vocalist Mirron (Webb), also of the band Hey Jester, is clearly a high quality act. Together this new outfit have made an outstanding and remarkably mature debut album.
Trying to define the sound of Rain is challenging. In the space of Singularity they range across sounds in a captivating and sometimes bewildering musical panorama. Anyone expecting a re-tread of more conventional ‘Rock’ and ‘Prog’ tropes need to check their assumptions in at the door and open their minds to a group of musicians who seem intent on fusing sounds and styles with seemingly no concern about remaining constricted by the limitations and predictability of ‘genre’....
Singularity is shot through with images and references to Lockdown, and Rain have skilfully conveyed that strange, dislocated feeling of angst many felt as we could largely only connect through technology as human contact was limited. The songs explore and imaginatively describe the psychological and emotional effects that experience had upon us all, and then moves towards an all encompassing ‘singularity’ for resolution. Whether the album fully reaches that resolution is questionable as Singularity is overwhelmingly soaked in eerie, unsettling sounds and a palpable sense of dislocation… but then again that may just reflect where we’re all still at mentally at present with an unresolved pandemic still taking its toll on society.
What is unquestionable is that right out of left field, Rain have produced one of the most distinctive and atmospheric albums of 2020. You simply will not hear anything like it this year, but it’s hoped we hear a lot more from Rain in future."-The Progressive Aspect
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