Re: Cooperation - TransCollaboration

"TransCollaboration is the five year project of David Cooper Orton (England) and James H. Sidlo (USA). David and James started this project out of mutual interests in looping, having "met" on The Looper's Delight mailing list. Looper's Delight is an open on-line forum for samplists to discuss different techniques and ideas concerning the looping of music and sound. James proposed a joint project with David that would entail the trading of tapes with ideas. The end result is the cd ReCooperation: TransCollaboration. A release representing the progressive diversity from Uncle Buzz Records and Dogfingers Productions. Together they create sound collages-aural landscapes-which initially traced the contours mapped-out by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, but gradually moved-on to circumnavigate vistas of their own diving, which increasingly meander towards more urban environs."
  • LabelUncle Buzz
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