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Red Krayola - God Bless The Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It (media book) CD

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“For better or for worse, there have been many artists and bands over the years that will defy expectations when releasing their next musical project, Prince and Neil Young come to mind, creating confusion within their fan base. THE RED KRAYOLA were one of the first, starting with a forced respelling of their moniker after receiving legal threats from Binney-Smith, the manufacturer of Crayola crayons.
The first clue to their musical sea-change was the minimalist cover art of their new album 'God Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail With It' (take THAT Fiona Apple!) when compared to the psychedelic collage that graced 'Parable of Arable Land.' It was in fact a fitting introduction to the music within. There are twenty songs, the longest at 3:03, the shortest, 0:06, comparisons to WIRE's Pink Flag recorded a decade later, are inevitable. Most tracks run under two minutes, with little more instrumentation than guitar, percussion, bass, occasional piano and female vocals/chorus. The Familiar Ugly and the Free Form Freak-Outs have been jettisoned (although Track 9, "Free Piece" comes close). Mayo Thompson, Steve Cunningham and new drummer Tommy Smith offer a deceptively simple but quite arresting musical experience.
Inventive song structures bring to mind many future innovators, like WIRE ("Say Hello To Janie Jones"), The ROACHES ("Music"), TALKING HEADS ("Save The House"), MEAT PUPPETS ("Sheriff Jack"), PAVEMENT ("Tina's Gone To Have A Baby", "Jewels Of The Madonna"), The FEELIES ("Green Of My Pants") and so on. If nothing else, 'GBTRKAAWSWI' proves the old adage, "everything old will be new again"......
The handsome Digi-Book packaging contains a bound-in heavy-stock 16-page informative booklet with an introduction by Sonic Boom of SPACEMEN 3, an 8-page continuation of The Red Krayola Story by 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS biographer Paul Drummond and the usual stash of photos and memorabilia. The music has been remastered by Sonic Boom from the original IA stereo master for the first time, and it sounds great! The booklet states that ALL previous issues had been dubbed from vinyl.”-John McCarthy
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