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Reininger, Blaine L. - Mädchen In Koffer (And Other Results)

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“Blaine L. Reininger needs no special introduction. He is an American post-punk, new-wave and alternative pop singer, songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist (particularly violin), writer and performer.
He is known for being a member of the group Tuxedomoon since 1977 after co-founding it with Steven Brown and, latterly, for a notable music and theatre career, both as a soloist and contributor to other artists' recordings, including The Durutti Column, Snakefinger, Anna Domino, Savage Republic or Paul Haig.
After learning the violin and guitar during childhood and studying music theory in San Francisco, Reininger formed the band Tuxedomoon with composer, singer, musician and college-mate Steven Brown and appeared on early albums such as Half Mute, Desire and Suite En Sous-Sol before departing early in 1983 to pursue a solo career.
He permanently rejoined Tuxedomoon in 1988 and has subsequently appeared on more recent recordings such as Vapour Trails, issued in 2007. In 2015 Reininger's friend Albrecht Hirche shot his first feature film, a road movie entitled "Mädchen in Koffer". Blaine contributed the soundtrack which is surprisingly song based and put it on his bandcamp page in 2018.
Klanggalerie are now very happy to present you the first CD version of this music. In addition to the score, we have chosen another 9 tracks from Blaine's vast archive to make this a full length album.”
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